Only here you are always welcome, together with indian dreaming you have no equal! Providing access to healthcare is fundamental in the fight against poverty. CSP, s health programs include building, equipping and running healthcare centers, training midwives and traditional birth attendants, providing medication and carrying out health and hygiene training. Currently we are running Maternal Health Centers (MHC) with a special focus on mother and child Health Care. CSP is involved in:

  • Mother and child health care programs (Health services through establishment of Maternal Health Centers (MHC) in Hilly remote areas of AJ&K and Rural Pakistan)
  • Organizing Refresher courses for Community Mid Wives in collaboration with MNCH/Health Department of Government.
  • Raising awareness among vulnerable communities regarding best practices of Health and hygiene.


Only here you are always welcome, together with automatenspiele you have no equal! CSP is working for out of school children, street children and orphan as well. CSP provide books, bags, stationary and fee to needy and orphan students with cooperation of individual sponsors. CSP is involved in monitoring to ensure quality education of Basic Education Community School (BECS).CSP is working for school construction in remote areas of Pakistan and AJK. CSP took an initiative to educate the female by opening adult literacy center in different areas of Punjab and AJK.


A sustainable livelihood is a way of earning a living that empowers people to become self-sufficient and less reliant on humanitarian aid. CSP works closely with communities to identify their needs and provide relevant livelihoods with training and tool kits. Our livelihood projects include cash-for-work schemes and developing small businesses. Income generation trainings for male and female community members are in practice.

Interest free microfinance

We are determined to help vulnerable people, making them self-sufficient and contributing to end their dependency on aid. That’s why we are running an interest free Microfinance Programme in Pakistan to empower people in the poorest communities, so they can earn a decent living and make themselves self-sufficient. Our interest free Microfinance Programme is designed to give people the skills and support to lift them out of poverty and enter the world of work. Our Microfinance Programme helps to mitigate the chances of debt and helps to create and multiply employment opportunities both for male and female segments of society. Preferably we provide this support to our trained and skilled community members.


Advocacy for the protection and promotion of human rights through seminars, conferences, trainings, workshops, Walks, radio talks and TV shows, IEC material to augment awareness and sensitization among all stakeholders including political leaders, media, educators, health professionals, parliamentarians, civil society and community. We work in partnership with the government, communities civil society organizations across a variety of platforms to shape the development & policy agenda leading to sustainable impact. Recently we are running campaign on voter education (Importance of Local Government System) with support of USAID in district Rawalpindi Punjab.

Child Protection

Community Services Program believes that talent and virtue should be nurtured in all children regardless of wealth or privileges at birth. All children have the right to be clothed, feed, protected and educated. Our orphan care Programme (OCP) ensures orphaned children and their families have access to food, clothing, education and healthcare. The Orpan Care Programme is carrying out individual sponsorship in Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) where the poorest families are targeted and financially supported in meeting their basic necessities of life. We ensure that our sponsored children have the same opportunities as ordinary children and comprehensive support is provided for future active citizens of society.