CSP is multi-disciplinary non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization which is working to uplift the poorest of the poor communities. The Organization is formally established in 2008 and got registered in 2009. CSP aims to educate the marginalized communities by building their capacity and provide them good health for a better economic and social growth. CSP has completed several projects on education, Health, Environment, gender, livelihood and also respond in emergencies. CSP has built the capacities of ignored groups of rural communities in different sectors and lead them towards self-reliance. CSP is running an Orphan care program to fulfill the most basic needs of the orphans from poor families so that they can live and grow like common children. CSP remains involve in many advocacy campaigns for the sensitization of target communities. The organization is doing efforts for poverty alleviation, gender equality, child rights, social justice and sustainable development. The organization is especially focus on women empowerment and primary education.CSP is contributing for positive social and economical change in society.We have completed several project to contribute our goal.With a history of successful delivery of more than 100 development initiatives, we look forward to producing greater developmental impact through superiority in design and implementation of projects and interventions. 

Structure Of Organization

Board of directors is the government body of organization, which is involved in policy issues of the organization. The BOD members appointed by the head of organization.BOD is fully responsible for overall activities of the organization. Each program is being implemented by the concerned program manager. Proper implementation of activities according to the work plan is the responsibility of the concerned manager. However, the head office regularly monitors activities of these programs through progress review meetings, field visits and progress reports. Other activities of head office are liaison with the donor organizations, networking with government department, CBWDF fund raising and preparation of various documents. The organization has Reserve Policy, financial and HR policy, Monitoring Policy, gender policy & Impact Assessment Policy. All the organizational matters are guided by the policy manual which is under development for further improvements with the help of consultations of professional organizations, board members and individual consultants. Regular audit of accounts is conducted by renowned external auditors.

General body

CSP affairs are controlled under a General body.Budget and other major decision are approved by General Body.

Executive Body

Executive Council is responsible for implementation process under policy and guideline of General Body.

Legal Advisors

Legal Advisors provides legal support to organization as per law and procedure of state. Advisors also responsible to tackle the law related issues and violation of any set law.

Our Strength

Group of Experts

CSP has a great pool of professionals and experts associated with it. All the employees of organization come with different academic backgrounds who are entrusted with the kind of responsibilities they are professionally trained. CSP maintains the history of its employees for further fixed term or project based employments. This enables the organization and its associated professionals to improve and strengthen the existing institutional memory.

Capacity Building

CSP is well reputed at national level due to expertise of Capacity Building. We work to build capacity of local, National and INGOs, Government institutes, CBOs and Communities on all sectors. We have well reputed development sectors experts. Linkages


Mobilization Skills are the core competencies of CSP.


Volunteers are the great strength of CSP. CSP has a great pool of trained volunteers across AJK and Pakistan. Pakistan currently has the largest group of young people in its history. Nearly 104 million, about 60% of the total population, are youth (aged less than 30 years). With the view to mobilize the humanitarian potentiality of young people in order to provide services to the most vulnerable, it is essential to encourage them and provide proper guidance and directions. CSP as a leading humanitarian organization is expected to mobilize large number of youth volunteers, coordinate activities of youth involving organizations, promote good volunteer management practices and advocate value of volunteerism in Pakistan.